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The Heritage Breeds of Firefly Farms
The Heritage Breeds of Firefly Farms are selected for several very good reasons, not the least of which, is that the taste and health of the meat is exceptional. The near extinction of the breeds we have selected to raise is also a factor.We have a firm belief that there is good purpose in preserving, protecting and expanding the Heritage Breeds at Firefly Farms. The fact that these breeds are too difficult for factory farming is, in our view, the first signal that they are good for people. After raising these remarkable animals, we are now sure of of this. We care about our animals, we care about how they are raised and the life they live. We give to them what they deserve and they provide for us that which we need.

Support your local, family owned and operated, Certified Humane farm!

Order Rare! - Our Randall Cattle are indeed a very Rare Breed

Our Randall Heritage Breed Cattle are an integral part of our farm. The Randall's U.S. population was under a thousand when we brought in our first Randall cow. Our herd population is continually expanding under our watch. Please visit our Gallery often as we love to post photographs of our calves.

All of our cows enjoy a good life in a clean natural, peaceful environment and grazing fields of green. Grass fed and grass finished keeps them healthy which transmits unrivaled goodness to you. Their treatment will be reflected down the trail in the quality, the healthiness and a taste that rivals Kobe beef.

Our Pigs Do Fly!

Our Mulefoot hogs have remarkable popularity. Healthy and with exceptional flavor, many consider our pork product the very best of the best. Many articles have been written about the benefits of our fattier pigs. Steve Slosberg, a local newspaper man and columnist, is a regular who has fallen in love with the marvelous flavor of the Mulefoot. He has written about them quite favorably!

We Won't Sell Out Chicken Little!

We are not in this for the quantity, we are here for the quality. Our chickens have attitude and it is a good one! You won't find our chicken everywhere, but when you taste a Firefly Farms Chicken, your attitude about chicken is sure to change as well.... for the better! We generally raise Silver Dorking's, Red Rangers, Freedom Rangers and Cornish Crosses that are all raised to very high standards. Each has a distinctive flavor profile and very healthy for you.