Care for your Turkey Prior to Roasting
When you bring your turkey home be sure to place it in the coolest part of your refrigerator and leave it in its plastic bag, but leave the bag open so air can circulate freely.

If you ordered your turkey with giblets, remember to remove them when you are ready to roast your turkey.

If you are interested in brining your turkey, we recommend doing no more than 6 hours otherwise the salt will begin to overpower your bird’s natural flavor. You can find a number of recipes online that work great, so find the one you like best. We keep our brine simple with water, pickling spices, and salt.

We recommend rinsing your turkey prior to roasting and stuffing.

If you are applying a rub, do not forget the key step of patting the turkey dry before applying your rub. You want your rub to stick, not run off or turn into a sticky mess.

If you are prefer to bake your stuffing separately, there are a lot of other things that you can put in your turkey cavity. Some people put apples and root vegetables. We are huge fans of lots and lots of onions.

Caution: Only stuff the bird right before roasting.

Roasting Your Turkey
Preheat your oven to 400 F. Place your turkey in the oven until it is a nice brown color which should take about 30 minutes. At this point, reduce the heat to 325 F. Use tin foil to protect the breast and legs from overbrowning.

Weight                 Approximate Roast Time
14 -18 lbs                       3-3.5 Hours
19 -23 lbs                       3.5- 4 Hours

24 – 29 lbs                      4-4.5 Hours

Your own oven temperature will the greatest variable when it comes to cooking your turkey. Due to its fresh nature, your turkey will cook evenly in its own juices. Use your own method to see if the turkey is done to your own satisfaction.

Suggestions for checking:
1. Meat thermometer registers 165 F.
2. Leg joint moves freely when twisted.
3. Fleshy part of the drumstick feels soft.
4. Juices run clear when a fork is inserted into the meatiest part of the breast near the bone.

Leftover turkey? Check out our blog on how to get the most your turkey complete with recipes and recommendations for using your whole bird with no waste. The blog is at Turkeygiving: Using the Whole Turkey

Roast Turkey Recipe

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