Our particular herd has come from three separate herds. In September 2013, True and Darling arrived from a farm in western Connecticut and quickly made friends with anyone who brought them apples. In January 2014, the Tilly Foster Farm herd arrived with lots of pregnant cows. The first calf to be born was a beautiful little girl Rosa. March 2014, brought another round of cows from western Connecticut complete with very handsome and recognizable Red Bull. The final installment came from Pennsylvania and have been settling in nicely.

We have had a number of calves born at Firefly including Rhubarb, Lina (Leenya), Emma, Scrumptious, Juno, Coco Chanel, and Chuck. Our newest calf, Fortuna, even made Connecticut Channel 8 News!

Randall Linebacks are an incredibly rare heritage breed. They were a multipurpose animal used for dairy, meat, and as oxen. Once a familiar sight in New England, by 1985 only 15 Randalls remained. These were saved and carefully bred and nurtured by a small number of individuals, including the Randall family. Even today, the Livestock Conservancy list them as critically endangered. That is why Firefly Farms' herd of 50 is so important to the continued future of this American breed.

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* The name depends on with which registry the cattle are registered.

Randalls or Randall Linebacks*

As the only cows on the property, they are easily spotted. Then you will notice their beautiful blue, black, and red coloration with the classic white line of fur down their backs giving them the “lineback” in their names.

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