Please explore our website to get an idea of the breeds we raise and the care we give our animals. We are CERTIFIED HUMANE, thus our animals receive care, shelter, pastures, attention, treats and all sorts of interactions which enrich their lives and promote good health. We chose our animals for their marvelous flavor profiles. We go the extra mile to make sure they are the best tasting meat ever.

Our heritage breed animals have long and colorful histories. Briefly, The Randall cattle, a Vermont Landrace breed, pulled cannon for George Washington in the Revolutionary War. They are still preferred for pulling oxen and show up in many fairs. The Mulefoot hogs are descended from the Iberico ham hogs of Spain. They have extraordinary flavor. They are one of two breeds of pig that do not have a cloven hoof. The Silver Dorking chickens were the preferred bird of the Roman Empire. Colonies were left along the routes the Romans traveled to conquer much of the known world. They have been domesticated for over 3000 years. They came across with English settlers. Beltsville Small White Turkeys were the preferred table bird in this country. They were thought to have gone extinct, but were rediscovered in Florida at a research station. They are now on quite a few farms and their numbers are growing. Muscovy ducks are the most favored duck in France. 

Our Randall cattle are grass fed and grass finished. They remain alkaline throughout their lives which is what nature intended for ruminants. Research has shown that grass finished meat contains more Omega 3 Fatty acids which are "heart healthy" and may help prevent cancers. It also has much higher levels of Vitamin E than grain finished beef. It tends to be a little leaner, although ours have good marbling, which decreases the number of calories.

Our Mulefoots are raised on rotational pasture and have treats from an organic market, a world class bakery and a marvelous juicery--all local businesses in SECT. We work with a local mill to provide exactly what they need to supplement their rooting. They require more vitamins and minerals than their industrial counterparts. THEY HAVE GORGEOUS RED MEAT. Pork is NOT a WHITE meat. 

There is so much to say, but...

We do ship our meats within the lower 48 by UPS.  Because the weights on our products can vary widely, we do not have an online ordering process. We prefer to chat by email to establish what your preferences are. Please email us at

If you want to visit the farm, please phone, text or email. There are times when we are working on projects which make it impossible to give you the attention you deserve.   

Firefly Farms, 96 Button Road, North Stonington, CT 06359       

Email:    Phone: 860.917.7568

We are located at 96 Button Road, North Stonington, CT 06359


phone: 860-917-7568 for general farm information

             860-912-2553 for sales and farm store

​​​Firefly Farms is a CERTIFIED HUMANE small family farm in North Stonington that raises and cares for rare and critically endangered heritage breeds of pigs, cattle, goats, turkeys, ducks and chickens. We are one of two farms in the state of Connecticut to be Certified Humane which means we went through an incredibly stringent assessment to ensure our animals have the very best treatment for their entire lives.


Nourishing your family with the very best humanely raised​ Heritage Breeds

from the pastures of our family farm to your table.