Firefly Farms, 96 Button Road, North Stonington, CT 06359       

Email:    Phone: 860.917.7568

Firefly Farms now has charcuterie as one of our many offerings! Made of our Certified Humane Mulefoot, our Red Wine Fuet Salami is absolutely amazing! It is perfect paired with local cheeses, bread, and wine for these warm summer evenings. As it does not require refrigeration, you can take it anywhere with you... the beach, summer music concerts, wineries, on holiday... the possibilities are limitless! We have also added Pulled Pork, Cajun Style Andouille and HOT Linguica to fantastic Firefly Farms foods. The sausages are for those who like a little heat with their food and the Pulled Pork is a universal favorite. Make sure to try them all!