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1 cup Firefly Farms lard

1 cup crunchy peanut butter

2 cups “quick cook” oatmeal (or old fashion put through a food processor)

2 cups yellow cornmeal

1 cup all purpose flour

1-1.5 cups of bird seed mix

3 dried and flaked hot peppers (optional)

Containers for your suet cakes (can be freezer safe plastic or a Pyrex dish)


Start by melting the peanut butter in a pot over low to medium temperature. You do not want it simmering, just enough heat to get it soft and gooey.

Add in the lard and mix them together as it melts. This will be very quick, especially if the lard is at room temperature.

Mix in the flour. You can do this with a spoon or whisk, but do not worry about lumping since it will eventually breaks up.

Next stir in the oatmeal. At this point, the mixture should be thickening nicely.

Lastly add in the cornmeal and pepper flakes. We started adding them in because our home made suet cakes were not only popular with our birds, but the squirrels started stealing whole cakes off our feeder. They do not like hot stuff so have been leaving them alone!

Pour your mixture into the containers you will be using for storage. Most suet cages hold 4x4 suet cakes. Some are larger and can hold more or larger cakes. Make sure though that they are never more than an 1 inch thick since that is pretty universal for all feeders. If you use a Pyrex dish, cut the cakes to size.

Pop in freezer for about an hour to set them up before putting in feeder. This also works nicely for longer term storage.

Firefly Farms' No Melt Suet Cakes

Inspired by Larry Jordan

No Melt Suet – My Secret To Having Birds Beg Me For More