Firefly Farms, 96 Button Road, North Stonington, CT 06359       

Email:    Phone: 860.917.7568

Van Brown (Owner)

From the oil fields of Midland, TX via the restoration shipyard of Mystic Seaport, Van may seem an unlikely farmer until you look one generation back and find farmers. Van is in charge of keeping everything running in the background from making sure the orders get to the farm, to answering emails, and keeping the morale up. He is the linchpin of the operation.

Beth Tillman (Owner, Farm Manager)

Raised by an internationally renowned animal nutritionist, Beth grew up riding horses, caring for steers and chickens, and traveling the world to her father’s positions. When the idea was raised to start a farm, she immediately threw body and soul into the endeavor when she unexpectedly became the sole caregiver for five tri-heritage piglets. She hit the ground running and has never looked back even though these days she cares for considerably more than five piglets plus chickens and cattle.

Dugan Tillman-Brown (Farm Manager)

Returning from the oil fields of Midland, TX, Dugan found himself at loose ends and was the first to voice the desire to have a farm. Not only that a farm that specialized in the husbandry and conservation of heritage breeds. In charge of the running of the farm, Dugan oversees the care of the animals, expansion of the farm, and researching new ideas and breeds. He can sometimes be found riding the back of a boar.

Meet the Human Caregivers