Firefly Farms is a CERTIFIED HUMANE small family farm in North Stonington that raises and cares for rare and critically endangered heritage breeds of pigs, cattle, goats, turkeys, ducks and chickens. We are one of two farms in the state of Connecticut to be Certified Humane which means we went through an incredibly stringent assessment to ensure our animals have the very best treatment for their entire lives.

                                                 Camp out with the Cows 2018

                                          THE WEATHER IS LOOKING GOOD!!! 

Please either phone 860-912-2553 to register or come to 135 Wintechog Hill Road, North Stonington, CT 06359 after 5 pm. There is a potential for Hot Dogs, Kelli Dogs, Bratwurst to be available, but only until I leave the upper farm at 2ish.

The COWS and Staff will be awaiting your arrival at 5 pm on July 28th which is full moon time.

Lots of fun is planned!!

We'll walk the cows across the street to the camp site about 6:15. Always an adventure with some little calves not sure of what they're supposed to do or why! We do block the road for about 15 minutes so make sure you're there early. Access to the camp sites will be limited as the cows cross.

Accomplished musician Tom MacGregor (https.// will be singing and playing for about 2 hours after the cows cross into their night pasture. He'll set up near the fire pits which will light up at dusk. Bring your lawn chairs to sit nearby to listen or sing along.

Grills will be ready for your grillables. We also have grill packages available with a choice of meat -- beef hamburger patties, hot dogs, bratwurst, Kielbasa dogs or chicken sausage.

Some lawn games will be available or bring your own. In the morning, we'll have wake-up coffee.  Then we'll walk the cows back to their pasture across the street. We will help you get your cars loaded and on your way by about 10:30. Rain or shine! AND IT LOOKS LIKE SHINE THE WHOLE TIME!!!

Porta potties and a hand washing station will be on site for your comfort!

Option 1.Camp Sites are $25.00 for four people {unless you have a large nuclear family (Mom, Dad and Kids)}.

Grill packages over a pound of meat and include buns, condiments, chips and drinks.

Option 2.   4 beef patties 15.00

Option 3.   7-8 pork hot dogs 18.00

Option 4.   7-8 pork kielbasa dogs 18.00

Option 5.   7-8 pork bratwurst 18.00

​Option 6.   4 large links of chicken sausage 18.00

Hope to see you and your friends soon!

Option 7.   If you want to come just for the evening, there is an option for that. 5.00 per person.

​​The buttons have been turned off because we can no longer monitor emails and paypal. You will need to call or text of your plans after that. Phone 860.912.2553.